Anna & Robin's Wedding Ceilidh          

We are blessed in in our 84.49 years to have accumulated a lot, probably too much, of lovely things, possessions and items. Enough for us to try and sort out, read, play with, bounce, enjoy and fix for our shared decades ahead.

We really seek your presence on the evening of our wedding day to share some love, good food, a blether, music and a few dances. You are coming from across the city, country and even England and many of you are contributing towards the food and drink, many of you helping with running the bar, setting up and tidying, performing and co-ordinating, and we feel honoured and feel that should be enough.

However, some friends and family keep asking so here are a couple of alternatives if you're not convinced:




a feeling that someone is still in a place although they are not there or are dead

the fact that someone or something is in a place

a quality that makes people notice or admire you, even when you are not speaking

Could you offer a few hours or a day st share some of your skills, advice and practical support helping us with house and garden projects?


The idea being that the love could stretch out over coming years as we book you in for a day, a weekend, or more, and we can share food and coffee and catch up more calmly?

If so, we'd love any suggestions of offers on a card on the day.

Some of our on-going projects in case any appeal are:

  • building raised beds

  • planting fruit trees/cordons

  • a chain walk to aide access to the sea

  • building a patio

  • fixing taps

  • painting bathroom

  • constructing an outdoor shed on patio

  • cutting down our pine tree (making room for many other fruit trees and vegetables)

  • extending the garden/lawn by the sea walk

  • lime rendering round the windows

  • painting Anna's workshop exterior walls

  • erecting solar panels on the roof

  • fixing roof tiles

  • replacing the gutter at the front

  • sorting out the floor in the dining room and kitchen

  • building a hen run

  • finding a kitten

  • rebuilding Anna's workshop

We're planning to have a honeymoon!

Come the Easter holidays we're hoping to book a week or ten days to catch a boat up to Orkney. Possibly stay in the blue van or maybe one or two guesthouses; have a mosey and some serious time off together: visiting the ancient settlements and circles, exploring the islands, swim off countless beaches...

We've an online giving page here if this is something you would like to do but please only give if you feel you can!

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