Anna & Robin's Smörgåsbord

In time old fashion of our friends and family we're asking all to bring vegan or vegetarian* contributions for our wedding smörgåsbord.

If daunted by logistics of bring and share then our friend Ian Wilson (who many of you will remember ran the veggie wholefood Susie's Diner in Edinburgh) is on call to supply you with a contribution on your behalf.

Please choose from any one or more of the items below. If we end up having too many of one thing or none of another we use discretion to make sure the spread of offering is covered.

Ian will prepare most of it on our wedding day and bring fresh to the table where he and others will lay out with everything else.

Payment is via Paypal and last orders need to be ten days before (nov 6th) to give us and Ian plenty time. We trust this is okay.

Of course if you're able to bring something along that you've made yourself (salad, quiche, loaves, oatcakes, cake, traybakes, pickles, juice, etc) then we'd be absolutely delighted and look forward to the surprise. Please just use the labels you should have received with your paper invitation.

Thank you for your support with our wedding food, whatever you feel you can offer.


With love,

Anna & Robin.

* unless of course you have home-raised or roadkill animal that you would like to prepare and share...

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