Wiston Lodge Weekend

11th to 13th September 2020

building Quaker community in south and east Scotland

Hello friends!


A note on this year's pricing structure

The organising group for this year's Wiston weekend are keen to make the weekend as financially accessible as possible; we want to make sure our community-building gathering is open to everyone.

Thanks to generous support from South East Scotland Area Meeting and Portobello & Musselburgh Local Meeting we are able to hold prices at the same price as 2019.


Wiston charge us different rates for different ages of children, and offer a discount to campers so our prices also reflect this. We are aware this makes a complicated ticketing structure, so please get in touch if you want any help.


We have set our standard rates based on the prices we get charged by Wiston Lodge for food and accommodation. A standard adult place is £110 plus service charge, with discounts for children and campers.


For those who can afford to pay a bit more we have a new supporter band. We are asking people to consider paying this if they have a household income of over £35 000. A supporter adult place is £138 plus service charge, with discounts for children and campers.


The supporter band and help from Area Meetings enables us to have a limited number of places at a concessionary rates aimed at people who cannot afford the standard rate. This is aimed at families with annual household incomes below £25 000. A concessionary adult place is £55 plus service charge, with discounts for children and campers. We calculate that for every two people who comes at the higher supporter rate we will cover the cost of one person on the concessionary rate.


Please take care to answer fully the questionnaire when booking your tickets as this is the info on age, rooms and dietary requirements, etc, we need for Wiston Lodge.


Please feel free to get in touch with Jessica (07830 929 734), Mark (wiston@embe.co.uk) or Robin (Facebook page/07590 116 750/robin@boe.org.uk)

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